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Cargo Pants Size Guide Men

If you’re not sure about how a particular cargo pants or cargo shorts fits when purchasing online, please follow our Cargo Pants Four-Step Plan for Men. To ensure you get the right Molecule Clothing cargo pants or shorts. To do so, first we have to measure the so called flatbelt. If you measure the flatbelt of an item which fits you well and compare to our flatbelt, you should get a correct fit.

Keep in mind that our models have waist adjusters, as well as belt loops. In which way you should be able to create a perfect fit (please see product pages for these details)

Cargo Pants Four-Step Plan Men

Step 1. Lay the cargo pants flat on the ground, front button topside.

Step 2. Lightly stretch it out, so that the button is about 2" below the top of the garment-rear, this is how your cargo pants should naturally sit.

Step 3. Then measure across the very top of the garment, this is your flatbelt.

Step 4. Now we calculate the waist. The waist measurement you should compare with your favorite jeans. Multiply the flatbelt by 2. Then take 1” of. Exemple flatbelt is 18” x 2 = 36”; 36”-1” = 35”

When these measurements compare with your favorite jeans, you have a correct fit. Check the product pages for more details


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