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Cargo Shorts and Cargo Pants

Cargo shorts and cargo pants? is the place to buy cargo pants and cargo shorts online. For both men and women Molecule Clothing offers a wide range of cargo shortscargo pants  in your preferred colour and design.

Molecule Clothing has created clothes since its establishment in 1998 according to the philosophy that high-quality clothing with a distinctive design does not have to be expensive. Molecule Clothing originated in the bustling heart of Thailand, Bangkok, and features the best of established 'global traveller chic', with clothes that are specifically designed to (a) look good in a wide range of settings, and (b) be durable enough to survive whatever life throws at you.

For many years we have worked successfully on this formula. Among travellers nowadays, the Molecule Clothing brand has become an established concept that provides the link between perception, comfort and design. The progressive clientele of travellers, photographers, chefs, musicians, artists and even construction workers allows Molecule Clothing to be a living, breathing and adaptable brand. Molecule Clothing Europe offers you the chance to experience this undiscovered gem from mystic Asia. Buy your clothing online @ our web shop.

Molecule clothing provides both protection and comfort throughout your life and your adventures thanks to its unique character. The cargo shorts and cargo pants for both men and women feature the now distinctive cargo pockets. With reinforced pockets, zippers and variety of fastenings, the quality is guaranteed. Matching accessories such as belts will make your experience complete. Create life!

As a specialist in the cargo shorts and cargo pants market, Molecule Clothing Europe offers you a very wide range of cargo pants, shorts and skirts. Molecule Clothing Europe delivers quickly (48hrs), safely and reliably from the Netherlands. Prices include free shipping to 12 European countries and all taxes.


Team Molecule Clothing Europe